parasha Nasso 5782 – Reconciliation

“Then shall they confess their sin which they have done.” – Numbers 5:6-7a, JPS 1917 Tanach

The Mishkan along with the Levitical system of offerings were meant to restore the relationship of the people with H’Shem. A restored relationship with H’Shem begins with vidui (confession), whereby we confess our sins to Him; additionally, we return to Him by not making the same transgression(s) again. We must also increase our mitzvoth (good deeds), spend more time engaged with godly pursuits, and less time in that which could be considered frivolous.

This is all the more important in today’s world of instant gratification, social media, and encroaching nihilism. Moreover, the influence of Wokism will draw those who have no moorings, to join the cause of an intolerant advocacy for social justice. A type of social justice that uses identity politics to create groups of people, who are labeled as oppressed. This is cultural Marxism, the dividing of a population, in order to transform the status quo.

Wokism and the concurrent cultural revolution in America has no allowance for the concept of teshuvah (confession, repentance, and forgiveness). Its ideological roots are contrary to G-d’s word, and the values of Judeo-Christian belief. G-d provides us with the opportunity for renewal, every time we admit our faults. Wokism condemns all who it judges, without any sense of due justice, discussion, or compassion. It is relentless in its accusations against all dissenters.

Wokism creates its own ledgers of right and wrong, irrespective of G-d’s commandments. It is, simply put, a pseudo-morality, that is being inculcated within every facet of American society today – a widespread indoctrination. It is imperative for G-d fearing people to resist the lure of Wokism, and not confuse its sense of social justice with G-d’s sense of social justice. From G-d’s perspective, we may reconcile ourselves to Him, through teshuvah (repentance), therefore restoring our relationship to G-d. This is more important than reconciling ourselves to the world, and its version of restoration.

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